Pharmaceutical-Grade Vitamins

You may have noticed the term “pharmaceutical-grade” used to describe the vitamins and supplements available at Dr. Randolph’s Pharmacy and Wellness Store. But what does it mean?

Dr. Randolph’s background in pharmacy provides him with a depth of knowledge about how vitamins and supplements work — as well as an insider’s expertise on the industry. Vitamins and supplements are not regulated by the FDA like food and drugs. Unfortunately, many vitamins and supplements sold in chain health food stores, big box stores, and grocery stores do not contain the ingredients listed on the bottle.

However, vitamins and supplements can be highly effective to support the restoration of hormonal balance, the revitalization of energy, and the normalization of many important bodily functions. We choose to offer only “pharmaceutical-grade” products because they provide our patients and customers with the highest verifiable quality and efficacy.

These are Dr. Randolph’s criteria for every product we offer:

(1) All ingredients meet U.S. Pharmacopeia standards

(2) Manufacturer requires extensive in-house testing

(3) Manufacturer uses a third-party verification system

(4) Intended use of product is established in medical literature or current research

Learn more about the difference between grocery store brands and the pharmaceutical-grade products we source for you!