Our favorite part of the job is the feedback we get from patients who we’ve helped to get their lives back on track. Many of them say they want to spread the word that BHRT and hormone-healthy supplements work! Here are some stories that we have permission to share.

“I’ve been a patient for more than ten years now. After a six year hiatus to another county, one of the best things about returning to Jacksonville was that I could once again be a patient here. My husband and I both are patients of Kristin Byers, ARNP, who has done a masterful job of enhancing our quality of life on every level. We look forward to seeing her regularly, and have come to trust not only her judgment and diagnoses, but her follow-up care and willingness to take the time to talk at length with both of us at every visit. One of the great blessings in our lives.” — Robyn, via Facebook 

“I can’t explain what a difference finally choosing to come to Dr. Randolph’s has made for me! Their approach is bio-medical, meaning they test what your body is lacking and only then treat to the results. Other doctors treat largely to symptoms without getting to the underlying causes – they play the odds that a popular pharmaceutical will do the trick. I didn’t need Prozac, I needed VITAMINS and NOURISHMENTS! With true and high-grade supplementation that provides MY optimum balance of vitamins and nutrients I’ve found myself again, and even as I approach the “change” in life that’s coming, I can transition with ease, and without driving myself and everyone around me crazy! This isn’t wacky science or some hair-brained scheme to make people buy an unproven or untested product, this is a strategic approach to better overall health! I’ll close by adding that I’m only 90 days in, but I already feel 1,000% better! Thank you Jenifer and staff – you all are awesome!!!” — Donna, via Facebook 

“I’m a long time patient of Dr R…..always a great experience even when I was going through hormone hell 15-17 years ago. He has gotten me healthy and I feel better at 60 than I did at 40!! (He’s not allowed for retire!!!!)” — Nancy, via Facebook 

“I just want to let women know that there is help! Menopause is so overwhelming: all the symptoms, all the things your body goes through. I initially went to see my primary care physican, but he put me on pharmaceuticals that did nothing for me. From beginning to end, my experience with Dr. Randolph’s Ageless & Wellness Center has been life changing! Steven Garces, ARNP, is amazing. It’s not easy to talk about menopause, but “Dr. Steven” made it easy. It was like he could read my mind! All the staff is amazing, in fact, from the moment you walk in the door. When I go in to get my shots, all the nurses are professional and ready to answer any questions I have. The pharmacy does a great job, too. After following my treatment plan, I found myself again, lost weight, stopped all the embarrasing hot flashes (not to mention those awful night sweats), started sleeping at night — and it completely re-vamped my libido! ALSO I think it’s important for people to know that office visits are covered by most insurance policies, and the staff can guide you through any insurance questions you may have. I have referred so many people to Dr. Randolph. He truly changed my life… there is an answer to menopause: it’s Dr. Randolph’s Ageless & Wellness Center!”  Vivian 

“Amazing practice… The professionals here practice true medicine! They care about the patient! Every patient’s needs are identified and simply met — with compassion. This place is a hard find! I feel blessed to have found Dr. Randolph’s practice. Enhancing my Quality of Life has been their goal since I stepped in the front door. I recommend this practice to every person of any age. I believe they are the new frontier of medicine — health and well being. I appreciate your care and devotion, Kristy, Kristin Byers ARNP, Dr. Randolph, and staff! You are changing my life!” — Stephen

“I’ve been a patient with Dr. RANDOLPH since I was 16 years old, I’m 38. I absolutely LOVE his staff and trust their judgement. I currently see Dr. Leasburge. If you are looking for a great OB-GYN this is your place.” — LaTonya, via Facebook 

“Steven is the man. Explains all the options and provides you the best options for long term wellness. Great staff all around and knowledgeable.” — David, via Facebook 

 “Being a patient of Steven Garces, ARNP, has changed my life. In January 2012, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 testicular cancer. I did 6 months of chemotherapy, with some of the hardest drugs you can get. I survived cancer, but it did a lot of damage to my body. I gained weight and was struggling with depression, when last fall, a friend of mine suggested I see Steven (she is also one of his patients). Steven checked my testosterone levels, and they were as low as a 90 year old man’s would be! At 29 years old, mine should have been much higher. Steven started me on weekly shots of testosterone, and in the past few months, things have really changed. I have the energy to get up in the morning, I can go to the gym, I’ve lost 24 pounds (and counting), and my depression is almost gone. Steven really listened to me every step of the way. It was important to him that I get help for my depression, too, so he suggested adding Vitamin D3 in addition to my testosterone shots. He did everything he could to help me, and he is really conscientious. With this new-found energy, I was able to join Team Limitless Training to expedite my weight loss. Without hormone therapy, I wouldn’t have the energy to train (not to mention almost no depression)! For a lot of men with testicular cancer, testosterone levels rise again after treatment, but mine didn’t. I try to tell everyone I meet who struggles with weight issues and depression — go get your hormones checked! It’s safe, it’s effective, it’s regulated. For men especially, you shouldn’t be embarassed about it — treating your hormones is no different than anything else!”  Zachary 

“I have received care and treatment from Dr. Randolph’s Ageless & Wellness Center for approximately one year. I am extremely impressed with Dr. Randolph’s skills, creativity, and thoroughness. His compassion for his patients is direct and overt. He is the “GPS” of natural hormonal care! I strongly endorse him as a natural health physician to anyone, regardless of age. His care will improve your health. I wanted a doctor who would give me care and treatment for the SOURCE of my health concerns, not just the SYMPTOMS. I had migraines and felt fatigued. I heard Dr. Randolph specialized in natural nutritional therapy instead of drug store prescriptions, so I went to his AGELESS & Wellness Center. One of best decisions I ever made! Now I am stronger, more vibrant, and LEANER. I am a healthy patient of Dr. Randolph’s — for life!”  Rodney

“After only two visits with Kristin, my mental clarity and focus have improved 100%! She sent me to get blood tests done that no other provider had ever ordered for me, even after my various visits and complaints throughout the years. I had just resigned myself to having to deal with my “issues.” With the thorough blood test results, she was able to prescribe the hormones and vitamins that my body has been missing for probably all of my adult life!….” — Deirdre, via Facebook

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