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Keeping Your Brain Healthy

Aging doesn’t mean that your mental acuity has to deteriorate. There are certain key steps you can take to help keep your brain happy and healthy.

In an Institute of Aging report, there was a recent study done on cognitive aging. The term “cognition” describes the brain’s ability to make decisions, problem-solve, process, and remember.

Throughout our lives, our cognitive ability changes: we may get better at problem-solving, but become more forgetful. However, with aging, there tends to be a general decline in cognition. These changes happen to everyone, regardless of intelligence and initial cognitive power, but there are steps we can all take to slow and counteract cognitive decline.

Hormone Imbalance and Your Brain

In a previous article, we wrote about three ways to improve your mood, cognition, and memory. Hormone imbalance can play a factor in cognitive decline. Neurotransmitters, the building blocks of our brain’s cognition, are directly affected by estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone levels in the brain (which can be found in higher levels in the brain than in other areas of your body).

To keep your brain running at optimum levels, it is important to keep your hormones balanced and have your hormone levels checked regularly.

Lifestyle Keys to Mental Acuity

Our overall health has a direct effect on our brain and our ability to think clearly. We should all focus on healthy habits that will keep our brains strong and help us fight cognitive decline.

Woman stretching leg out for a run


As one of the key factors to our brain’s health, exercise is crucial to strong cognition. Exercise provides the brain with extra oxygen and releases hormones that help us form new brain cells.


Sleep is key to mental ability. Adults who get regular sleep perform much better than their peers in tests of mental acuity.

If you’re struggling to get restful sleep consider one of our all-natural, non-addictive supplements for a better night’s sleep:

  • Sleep Well – An all-natural herbal blend of Magnolia Officinalis and Ziziphus Spinosa formulated to support restful sleep.
  • Melatonin Extended – A vegetarian formula with a biphasic delivery system that releases melatonin quickly and then steadily.

Positive Social Interactions & Relationships

Our relationships have an effect on our cognition. Harvard Medical School has done a study that shows that our social life improves mental performance and can improve our self-confidence. Seek out relationships that will keep you socially and mentally active.

Be Mindful of Your Medications

Medications we take can have negative side effects on our cognition and acuity. Be sure to check the labels of the medication prescribed to you and ask your doctor about anything you may take.

Improve Your Cognition With Dr. Randolph

At Dr. Randolph’s Wellness Store, we offer natural, bioidentical supplements that can help with a variety of problems. Be sure to call for a teleconsultation and get a real-time view of your hormone balance. Our experts will recommend the supplements you need to achieve balance. We believe in the importance of long-term mental acuity and healthy aging.

Invest in your health and take the steps now that will keep you young at heart and healthy for years to come. We Wish You Well!


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