Services for Women

Dr. Randolph’s Ageless and Wellness Medical Center emphasizes a natural approach to health and wellness. For women, we provide comprehensive gynecological treatments and procedures. We also offer age management medicine for women and men. Our practice is nationally recognized as a Center of Excellence in the field of natural, or bioidentical, hormone replacement therapies (BHRT).



Weight Loss

Dr. Randolph, author of the bestselling weight loss book, “From Belly Fat to Belly Flat” offers many services and options to reach your weight loss goals. From customized prescriptions to the energizing and fat burning Lipo B12 shots to a full range of pharmaceutical-grade supplements that target specific weight loss concerns, you’ll find your answer here.

Skin Vitality

To help you look as young as you feel, we offer a complimentary analysis of your individual facial concerns. From the analysis we are able to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that may include recommendations for skin care products and supplements and SkinMedica skin peels.

Prescriptions at Dr. Randolph’s Pharmacy

Dr. Randolph’s Pharmacy is Florida’s premier full-service onsite dispensary of personalized bioidentical replacement therapies for women and men. Dr. Randolph personally develops the award formulations for all in-house compounded prescriptions. In addition, we offer physician-only pharmaceutical-grade brands of vitamins and supplements at our Wellness Store in Jacksonville Beach, as well as online at Dr. Randolph’s Wellness Store.